Always Have You

I honestly cannot think of a feeling that trumps that of what nature makes me feel. Not even falling in love, although I probably don't have enough experience with that one to know if the future could one day change my mind. But anyway, there is something so reassuring about nature. I know she will always be there, can never leave me or betray me, as we are one of the same. I don't feel like a "human" (since, humans are animals) when I'm surrounded by nature, I feel like an "animal", just another finger off of her hand.

When I look at her, I feel this intense sense of connection. Like looking at a part of myself, and myself looking back at a part of me. Everything flows together in the same mass. I only want to get more and more lost in this feeling/connection, I want most to just strengthen it to it's max. This is why I am so passionate about primitive living, it feels so incredible to intertwine myself in her works.

I know that no matter what badness is clouding my life, I can still look out and see the moon...and feel that that is what truly matters, that she is still there and that we are still connected. The clouds dim, and I know that as long as I have nature, I will always be okay.
LoneWolfWanderer LoneWolfWanderer
22-25, F
Jun 30, 2012