We Save A Great Horned Owl

We just had a great horned owl sitting right across the road from us yesterday. I saw it as I was going out to get the paper that morning. That's right I still get the news paper and I won't give in and start drawing on a bamboo either.

Anyhow, he just sat there on the other side of the road. At first I thought what a strange looking cat. Did I mention my eyesight was failing and I need new glasses. I started slowly up my side of the road and its head just followed me up till I was even with it on the other side. That's when I realized "that's no cat!"

All the while the birds were a chirping and the robins were dive bombing this poor thing. I new at that point it was an owl a, a big one, but I didn't know what kind. I thought it could be a great horned but what do I know about birds other than their ancestry were dinosaurs. So I went in to get my wife Nancy because I knew she would want to see this. She came out and confirmed my suspicions that it was a great horned owl and that their must be something wrong with it. well in any case we threw a sheet over its head with out too much difficulty. It was almost as though he knew we there to help, or maybe just too sick to fight back. We stuck him in the cat carrier without too much difficulty and put him downstairs in our air conditioned cellar.

Nancy called and left a message with the wild life refuge (Fellow Mortals) and I brought it out to them after they called. It was a good 40 mile trip each way and I had to give a minimum of $30.00 donation, but I figure it was for a good cause. I think all those people work for free and if they can work for free I can certainly give $30.00. I suppose its the least I can do after bringing them more work to do. Those guys are the real heroes because they do this every day.

They told me it was an adult male, emaciated, dehydrated with parasitic fly larva around its eyes. The girl at Fellow Mortals also told me that the vet said she was pretty certain that the Owl would live and that they could get him back on his feet again, that we had definitely saved its life because it wouldn't have survived another day out there in this heat. It was starving and hadn't eaten in a long time and was too sick to hunt.

Yesterday by the way was the hottest day on record here in Pleasant Prairie Wisconsin. It got up to 105 here. In 1999 on the 30th of July it had gotten up to 104. It seems funny that we would break that record on the 4th of July. And I guess it has already made 102 here today. We're poisoning this planet, I can't even breath out there with my asthma. The heat and all those cars and the coal powered energy plants. And those idiot Tea Partying Republicans stick to their guns about we're not cause global warming. I don't know what they're putting in that tea but I imagine it's got to be some pretty strong stuff.

Those poor animals.

titanis titanis
51-55, M
Jul 5, 2012