Birds, Bees And Water!!!

You learn something new every day eh? lolololol .. I put a nice size bowl of water on the top step of my porch for my catbirds, hoping they will come closer to visit me, which they have done on many occasions much to my delight. The neighbor cats come by and have a drink for as long as they'd like too. But just recently i was out there and noticed a bee landing in the water! They took a drink too and then flew up and off the water! I had never seen a bee come to drink before and i was quite surprised :) Lovely they can come for a little swim and a drink and then be on the way for their important pollination work .. lololol .. How sweet. I'm glad so many creatures can enjoy the water. There are a couple of little black lizards who drop by my porch for a visit from time to time too and a couple of green ones .. lol. I read on the internet that if you drop some pennies in the water the coins keep algae away and sure enough it works and the water is always nice and clean for them. Yayyyyy :)

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2 Responses Jul 8, 2012

I LOVE NATURE TOO that is why i moved to live in an island....

Giggles~ you sound like me! I'm a grandmahumhum :) love the lizards have a family here too! Sun worshipers! Awe Catbird love it! xoxox

I'm a grandma too called Nanna :) to 3 lovely, gorgeous Gbabies, 2 girls and a boy. My little lovies of my life. I had one verrrrry cooperative green lizard, a tiny one, who let me take several photos of him which was so fun :) I love that he was so comfortable around me and just hung out on my porch with me, not being afraid of my cell phone camera and letting me happily snap away at his different positions. He was lots of fun :) Ahhhh my darling catbirdies, so territorial :) It is their bush and nary a cardinal or bluejay may land for very long before being chased off by my catbirdies who own their bush :) lololol .. Every once in a while they will share their beloved bush with other birds. They have to be in a rare tolerant mood :) muahhhh Candy :) thanks :) xoxoxoxoxo