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A couple of years back I use to live in a small town call Mont Alto in PA I use to wake up early in the morning so I can go hiking for a couple hours exploring my dear friend Benson was a forestry major and he knew everything there was to know about trees and nature I enjoy those trip dearly. One morning we went out for about 3 hours and sweet Jesus the man did not go easy on my hills, rock, you name it... but we were walking the trail when I took a sit on a rock to caught my breathe but mind you we were on an incline I'm drinking my water when I notice a beautiful brown patterned snake at the moment I didn't notice what type of snake it was immediately but once I did I already had the snake in front of me Benson was basically yelling at me that it was a copperhead to leave it... but it was right in the middle of the path sometimes kids would walk in the woods so I carefully pick it ( I have a little bit of experience with snake but not wild or posionous ones) and placed it in a bush away from the path... Benson was beyond pissed he was like something back could of happened blah blah I told him it was alright I paid for my behavior when we climbed a rock formation but it was worth it... We just sat there enjoying the view the trees of all colors (october) just beautiful and having a good friend was even better How I miss it ... I was born in the city but at heart I love me some woods and country...
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Wow! i consider my self a wildman in the woods but i aint picking up no snake!

tell me about it but Im not scare of them I was stupid and lucky that nothing ... I got in trouble with a couple of people because of it but hey I knew children went with their families through the path sooo I took a risk..
I love the woods I could stay out there and never get tired of exploring
one day I was alone and I found a plant that the stem once opened smells like peanut butter how cool (i miss it i live in the city :( can't wait to move) Im babbbling sorry thanks for the comment

aww i love babbling!wow penut butter! I just got a book about all the wild plants and trees that we can eat!amazing.

yeah but I still haven't found the name of it.. if you happen to come across something like let me know please