Gotta Love The Rainy Days

the sky is overcast and the morning light has an odd yellow cast to it.  it looks like i can look forward to a rainy day. some may equate rainy days with being  down .  not me.  you see, when the weather is nice and sunny, i am always torn between  getting out in my yard and working--and staying inside and putting my house in order. i love the outside. so, i  look at being outside as my reward for getting the housework done.  i don't allow myself to be outside to*play* until my work is done.    rainy days are better in some ways.  i have nothing pulling me outside, so i get my house in order quickly.  then  i can enjoy a cup of coffee, stay in my sloppy clothes and curl up with a good book.  it is so relaxing to hear the patter of rain hitting the windows and the low rumbles of thunder in the distance.   it's as if nature is singing a lullaby. 
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2 Responses Sep 5, 2012

I like that also. Hey, I like your icon thingy....go pack!

Where I live, rain is seldom seen. In August, we had one rain, about 0.2 inches. Now, we are having beautiful weather: sunny, not too hot, cooling off nicely at night. (The ideal weather: don't have to run the furnace or the a/c.)<br />
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Enjoy your posts so much. Please keep them up.