I Have A Secret Place In Nature

...I live in the suburbs but just a walk from here there is a dirt path, and suddely natutre is all over. I have a place return to, it is a secluded place with magic written all over it... You follow the dirt path until you hear a small trickle. Than you jump down in what seems to be a ditch and there a stream opens up, clear fresh water running down on small rocks. Birds chirping, all leaf forest and the ground is covered with big rocks that are green all over from moss and deep beige/brown forest floor from the dead leafs from the early seasons.

Here you can follow the stream up, soon an opening appears and you find more stones covered in moss and wild ivy, (not the poison one), the trees bows down over you, deeper in you fine pine woods.

Here you can sit and eat from the forest berry supply, here you'll find Blueberries, Lingon berry and wild raspberries, and the hole forest opening are covered with sound of the stream, nature, and you hear nothing from the suburbs nor the smell, here the air is watery and thick of the smell of nature.

It is a nature heaven away from the suburbs.
There I can spend hours enjoying nature and when I get thirsty I can drink the cool fresh water or fill my hands with berries.
31-35, M
1 Response Sep 10, 2012

Oh man, I am jealous now! Hope you will keep enjoying that little piece of heaven for many, many years to come!