My Little Family

I live with in a stones throw of a state park here in Texas.Its pretty much my back yard.I go hiking
or canoeing at least once a week when its not so hot you cant breath.Late winter last year I walked a trail along the river when I heard a sudden rackett ahead of Me.I followed the noise until
I came upon a flock of Great Blue Herons building nest in the branches of a giant sycamore tree!
I was fasinated and so happy that I had my camera!While creeping up on them for a closer shot,I stepped on and snapped a stick!As one the whole flock flew away save one.I wiggled Myself into some bush and waited.Finaly the one male that had stayed behind started squaking
and, one by one all returned!Folks these are beautiful birds!It became My habit to visit them often.It got to the point that I was pretty much accepted by my little family,and they ignored Me.
After a time I was even able to bring my dog,whom to my delight seemed to know that this was something well,kinda sacrate .After a time the birds ignored him too as he sat just watching.
I have spent all of last spring and this summer visiting My feathered friends.I was able to get some pics of the young when they where big enough to stand up in their nest! While standing
under the tree one day,I actualy saw a fish fall from the sky!That poor bird had probaly stood at
the river all day for that catch and dropped it when He made it home.I knew the feeling.I left in hopes that He would get it!
Now its almost fall and the weather is unbelivablely cool here for this time of year.I went for another visit yesterday only to find my family gone.I suppose they have flown South.I found myself misty eyed,staring at the 30 or so empty nest.Its been a lot of fun.I wonder if They'll return in greater numbers this spring?
The1960texan The1960texan
51-55, M
Sep 15, 2012