The greatest gift to a man is nature. When you have matured emotionally or overcome the feeling of emotions u will realize how great the nature is, u will feel that nothing really matters in this universe except nature. Every small creations of nature will lift your mood like morning dew in the blades of grass, like spring in the mountains, like a still blue ocean, walking in the rain etc. Have u ever tried to sit still and tried to observe clouds in the sky or watch the endless green meadows silently. I mean that experience is heavenly and combined with few doses of psychedelic drugs (for recreational purpose not for addiction) like DMT and LSD the experience can’t be described in words. Its intense euphoria, a feeling so strong that u have never experienced before and never will. It’s the best feeling a person could feel in his lifetime. Work, study, relationships, pain etc anything won’t matter free from the burden of the world. U will realize that nothing really matters in this universe u will reach the inner nirvana within you. U will feel the world is void and everything is just an illusion and all the emotions are a temporary state of mind. U will know the true meaning of your existence. Has anyone experienced it yet?

everythingvoid everythingvoid
18-21, M
Sep 21, 2012