The Beauty Of Nature

Is anything more powerful than the ocean or more calming than the seas. The power of the wind which can not be seen? The majesty of the mountains? The warmth from the sun which that gives the moon its glow. The way nature gives sustenance to every living creature? WOW! Feel free to add to this if you like because there's no way I could list it all.
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You are so right.....

your very welcome

so tumultuous the ocean....the smell of low tide, erotic it awakens my senses
the forest i live in,the owl who scolds me during my walks for ruining his hunting and making his prey flee
the glow within me when touched by unadulterated love.....

Very nice. Thanks for adding that

The rain pouring down in sheeeets on a warm summer day. You watch in awe as lightening streaks the sky! Thunder booms to make you jump!

The colours from a rainbow and the nothrern lights are also to be mentioned .Exquisite in their own way.


...nature asks nothing from us...but gives us infinite joy & I live on the side of the mountain & can look out ...I am overwhelmed this very moment of the splendor & majestic qualities of what I see....clouds...shimmering water...tremulous trees...soaring hawks...blessed are live in such a vast kingdom of beauty...

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Watching the water as it spills over the and falls over 400 feet to the bottom in Glacier Nat. Park. Birdwomanfalls is named after Sakajuwea (Spelled wrong), she is the indian woman that helped Lewis and Clark.


Watching the wind phoof the drifts of snow in differing patterns; Lying under a leafy green tree while the mist gathers and runs in FugiColor like-brilliance.


I have experienced Mother Nature at her worst, while in the navy I sailed thru two hurricanes and several typhoons. I`ve sailed thru the Bermuda Triangle and experienced one of the unexplained things that happen there. I have seen the ocean so clear and blue beyond blue, our world is truly a beautiful place all you have to do is slow down and look.

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Ohhh! I'm loving the evocativeness! :D<br />
Can you include the subtle illumination of the moon?<br />
Shimmering glow of the stars twinkling in the nightly sky?<br />
The leaves that shift and convert colors to match each season?<br />
Ambient clouds which transform into shapes of wonder? ;)

Thanks for adding to it

Anytime :) It's sad how we take these beautiful moments for granted...

Mother Earth is truly a remarkable place,when viewed from the darkness of our Solar System this blue planet is paradise personified..

The ocean, above all, is so conducive to putting one's life into perspective.

The beauty of the full moon and also its gravitational pull ....the mysterious way it moves the oceans, changes the tides, fish seem to bite better, people seem to react with more passion.....nature has a way of bringing it all together.

Very good, thanks

You are absolutely right, my friend. I am very blessed to live right on the ocean's edge. The ocean is my sanctuary. I sit there for hours, soaking in the Vitamin O, and feeling refreshed when I walk home. And the mountain air with in a few miles does the same thing, as I breathe the fresh air and enjoy the scents of the flora & fauna around me. I am very lucky to be living in such a place that gives me both!!

Thanks. And to think sometimes we get so busy that we overlook these things

I had the privilege of going to the Iguazu Falls in Brazil - I'd never seen such power in nature before. I couldn't even comprehend how so much water could continuously storm down those falls. Amazing. Our whole planet is amazing.

Thank you for sharing that

Only 'forces'? Or beauty too? The beauty of a whispering wheat field.....or water dancing over coloured rocks in a stream.....the sound of your child laughing until she cries....or climbing down into the caverns to see the rushing waters you could only hear from above....all of these evoke very powerful feelings for me...

That's great. Beauty counts too. Thanks for adding these beautiful words.

I don't feel the need to add extra to your words. You have delivered your poetry and feelings in such a beautiful and simple way, that it speaks for itself.

Thank you