The Mouse From The Meadow

This is an excerpt from my soon to be released childrens poetry book (probably in the next 2 weeks (on Nook, Kindle and ITunes) entitiled "A KITE NAMED JACK AND OTHER RHYMES" dedicated to my grandchildren mostly based on my own childhood memories, my love of nature and the fears and imaginations most children endure throughout their childhood. Most portray a moral or substantial message on a variety of situations that a child or young teen might encounter thus covering a wide spectrum of age ranges. Some funny and some more serious,  I hope enjoyed by everyone as much as I enjoyed writing it.


In the wild grassy fields
Beyond the gardens of our home
I found a tiny mouse
Beneath some honeycombs.

It didn't run or attempt to hide
Why, I've not a clue
Over the clover I place my hand
To see what it would do.

It scampered around my feet a while
And trembling looked above
And then to my amazement
Jumped upon my small white glove.

Although the Spring was almost here
A chill was in the air
I pondered over my next move
Trying cautiously not to scare.

It scampered back and forth a while
I was shaking from the chill
I pet it with my other hand
Until it just stood still.

For some peculiar reason
A friend was much in need
I walked back through the meadow
With this mouse now fast asleep.

Inside the shed adjacent
To our lovely country home
I found an old small shoe box
Which inside my friend could roam.

I placed it in the shoe box
And inside put grass and cheese
But as it moved from side to side
Sadness haunted me.

Our beautiful home encompassed
By the wild and grassy fields
Gave me pause about my friends new home
Its fate now tightly sealed.

I had to ask myself "what now"
And where is its Mom and Dad?
Maybe if it were to be released
It wouldn't look so sad.

I crossed the fields back to the place
Where my small friend was found
And carefully put it in my hand
And placed it on the ground.

It lay there in the chilly air
And for a moment stared at me
And then it scampered through the fields
Filled with sudden glee.

I thought a great pet he would make
But it just seemed so wrong
Just as my house across the fields
This is not where it belonged.

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6 Responses Oct 6, 2012

This is the first work of yours I've read; it won't be the last . . . It reminds me a little of "The Way of the Wolf" by Martin Bell.

I caan imaagine those events being put into a movie: I just saw Sammy's Great Escape & it's a great feelgood film

I don't know about move material. It just basically comes from a heartfelt love for animals. Thanks for your wonderful comment though. It's a great feelgood comment!

This is beautiful and delightful; may it find a wide audience.

Your comment was appreciated more than you know. Thank you!

Beautiful, cute, and full of wisdom. Good luck with your efforts.

Thank you for taking the time to read it. Your response was truly appreciated. Take care and God bless.

Thank you so much and please feel free to email me (typicalt) as I don't know what the book is even selling for yet. I will find out this week and what is funny is that I don't own an Ebook. I couldn't afford the whole book price, so hopefully this will be weel received and I can follow it up with the actual book. I am excited though as I am a first time author. Thank you again!

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing. Congratulations on your book! I will surely look for it. :)

Thank you so very much. I appreciate that more than you know. Blessings!