Wish I Were Outdoors!

Here I am, stuck in a NYC skyscraper and surrounded by concrete, noise, and pollution.  Wish I were traveling in some remote countryside location.  I want silence.  I want peace.  I want to see what God sees when he looks down past the clouds and focuses in on his masterpiece.  One day, maybe.  For now, I look out the window and see other skyscrapers, probably filled with people feeling just the way I do right now.
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I live in a small city but we do have alot of forest around here and escaping to the woods or a beach is only 20 mins away

I feel for you. I would feel the same way if I lived in a metro area. I've heard that Central Park in NYC is nice. I've never been tho. Maybe you can get a "nature fix" there until you get a chance to get out in the country.<br />
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I have some seasonal affective disorder tendencies due to the long summers. One winter, I visited a botanical garden that was all inside a big greenhouse. I loved smelling the fragrances of the plants and flowers. I spent several hours there taking photos. Really helped me.<br />
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Hope these things help you.

I drive home everyday from work and as I round the bend just before my exit I see My Mountain in the distance, I breathe and say Thank You. It is beautiful, find your little piece of green, it could be anywhere. I am also lucky enough to work in a resort that over looks the ocean, not a day passes that I don't stop and look at that water with gratitude in my heart knowing that I am one of the lucky ones.

major drawback of city living

What a shame, it makes me feel so sad to hear you say that you are stuck way up there in the concrete. I always consider myself so lucky that I live only two minutes walk from the most beautiful wooded area next to a Loch (Loch Tay), Perthshire in Scotland. If you feel so inclined I should love you to click on my profile so that I can share with you some of the beauty that I experience every day, especially first thing in the morning with the dawn behind the mountains and hills, and the mist rising from the lapping waters. Wish you could share it! As you say, perhaps some day. Lots of Love. John. (the landscaper)

I live in the outskirts of Phoenix .it is a nice peaceful place ,with trees and desert all around.you can get to town by horseback ,ATV or wheel drive truck . the train can be heard in the nearby canyon in early morning and evenings. Quiet and serine ,laid back town -Ahhhh how i do not miss LosAngles !

I feel for you...<br />
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I live in Manitoba, Canada and am never very far from a forest that I can walk thru. I often notice how easy it is for us to take it for granted the splendor and beauty that surrounds us here. So many people don't realize how special it is to be able to walk in the woods when so many other people don't even have the option.

I too love to be in such a place where m in my Nature's lap. i also wanna feel free, experience the freshness of our beautiful nature.. See my post.I hope you'll like it.