Deer Season

My home becomes a deer camp during the hunting season. My 3 sons, the hub, 8 grandsons, and their friends all come to my house. My otherwise neat and tidy home become littered with camouflage, blaze orange and large hunting boots. Sometimes I stump my big toe into the boots and it really hurts. The floor gets tracked with mud and leaves.

It is dangerous to even hang clothes on the line. One might find oneself dodging bullets.

I decided to go for a drive since walking in the woods is no fun this time of year and very dangerous. I was going the speed limit when all of a sudden a camouflage jeep fly's past me with a deer roped to the grill. its tongue hanging out.

I've noticed I get real depressed this time of year and start looking for a different place to live. Anywhere but here.

For 35 years I have pretended to be happy when someone kill's a "nice one." The men start teaching the young one's to hunt around age 4. I don't like it.

There was time I put up a really good fuss about all this but my words went unheard. It's just blah, blah, blah to them.

I love the woods. I love camping, hiking and fishing. I thought when I married a man who loved the woods as much as me it was a union made in heaven. I didn't know then he only cared about tracking animal signs.

I must admit I've learned a lot from my husband of 35 years about animal signs. At least something positive came of it.

He's never gone camping with me. We used to fish together but not anymore. I don't walk in the woods with him anymore because he just rushes me and the limbs behind him slap me in the face.

I'm older now but not unattractive. I have kept my figure and try to stay healthy. Attracting another man would not be hard. No offence to men, but I'm pretty dang sick of the male species right now.

I just want to live alone.

naturenanny naturenanny
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1 Response Nov 27, 2012

Geeeeeez, I thought i was the only one that felt like this. Fake smiles. Pretending to love nature. Acting like you love everyone around you trompin your flowers and dirtying your counter.....and leaving big messes in the bath
gobbling all the food and being pure loud redneck sloths
LOL. Im right here with you hun