White Mountains, Glittering Tree's

Snow has fallen up here on the mountain,
it is early in the season for it to be stayig, but good. Ski area's could use a really good year.

this am i bundled up in winter gear, called to my dog pack and headed for the door.,
the first breeze was COLD, but stepping in the crisp fresh snow is such a neat feeling.
I love fresh snowfall,
i headed for the trail, the pine tree's have there coat of snow, I love looking around. everything is so clean and crisp.and COLD
well three of the pack didn't even make to the trail head, had to back track and put them back inside.
back out we go again. LOL
when you walk in the woods,
as i walk i can feel my hear picking up it beat, I can hear myself breathing, see my breath. my body starts to warm up, the dogs are running little circles around me. up the hill and back, saying come on, come on,
they love hiking.
I laugh at there silly little face's and actions
my laughter stands out in the silence of nature,
snow sprinkles from the tree's, the dogs are burying there little face scenting under the snow. they think it is a game i came up with just for them :)

stop walking and let the Silence fill me
do you let the silence seep into your mind?
up, up we go, trail is getting steeper, my body slows, keeping a rythem, when all of sudden if feel it.
the heart beat of the earth, my heart matching the beat.
aaaahhh peace, this is why i go out onto the mountain
best thearapy ever

does your body slow down its beat and find the rythem of the earth?
mine does
May the beat go on, enjoy every chance you get when you step out into nature. she is waiting to embrace you :)
littleonejade littleonejade
46-50, F
Nov 30, 2012