Princess Ledges

There is a nature park near me,.....U can walk there from my house. Although my backyard is a Wildlife Habitat, there are some birds and four legged animals that inhabit the park that don't frequent my backyard.
It's a must that U visit the park when it's a nice sunny day. There is so much foliage that it blocks the suns rays. It's also a must that U take a camera so U can get some shots of the different kinds of Ferns and rock formations. There isn't any water to speak of on the property so there isn't any water falls or ponds. There is water present in the rock formations, which makes home for the many varieties of flowers and ferns.
The park is always deserted because many people don't know about it's location. The park is protected by the state, so I won't worry about it being bulldozed over. Princess Ledges feels like my little corner of solitude.
junkit71 junkit71
70+, M
Dec 2, 2012