Why Do I Love Nature

I have always loved plants, flowers, trees, The full moon, and water/rain well basically anything that had to do with nature, the full moon, water and when it rains. I love sitting under a tree, or sitting on the tree branch, sometimes when I hug a tree I can feel life just pouring inside of me it even happens when I walk in a garden, (I also have a plant in my room) I love to take pictures of flowers and I like to lay down on the ground and having flowers surround me and are everywhere. I have this joy inside of me like I am at home whenever I am around nature.

I can stare at the full moon for hours and every month I get excited and feel alive when it a full moon. I always talk to the plants and flowers that I have or even when I am passing by flowers, trees and plants. I love the rain and whenever it rains I always go outside and just stand there letting the rain fall on me and I always go inside completely wet. The rain makes me feel alive and I always feel happy. I love water so much that I can't stand not being away from water so long that I even had to get a fountain in my room and I always put extra water inside the fountain so it can make bigger splashes and to make the water come out higher.

I hope I can find some answers to why I love nature and water so much and why I can't stand being away from nature and water. I wonder if this is because of my ability Environmental Empathy and if it is can anyone help me control it. I hope I can find an answer because this is kind of getting out-of-hand and I as much as I like having a fountain and a plant in my room I prefer to have them outside but I can't stand being away from them for so long so I have some problems.
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1 Response Dec 4, 2012

Nature is Grand, today i saw a huge cloud i think it might be called a mushroom cloud for the 1st time it looked like an atomic bomb exploded i actually wondered what it was at first it looked so thick and creamy like whipped cream.