I'd Rather Be In Nature Then The Most Exciting City In The World

Getting lost deep in the rain washed forest. The smell of pines and moss and fresh, loamy earth. The sound of birds taking wing high above in the canopy & the hush of the trees waving back and forth. In incomparable green. This is the temple at which I worship.

Golden grasses waving about my legs, the warm breeze blows my hair into my eyes. Blue mountains stretch across the horizon as the sun bakes down upon my alter. The meadow rolls away beyond my feet, I perch like a figurehead on a mast, rooted to the earth, defiant before the wide blue sky. This is the pinnacle from which I do battle.

Cool mist spits against my heated flesh, salt and sea sting my nose. Watchful gulls cry out their sentry duty above. The warm sand cradles me as a lover, rasping enticingly over my skin. The surf rolls in, the roar as it builds, the tumult and statement as it crashes before me, inches from where I lay. My eyelids are heavy. The sun has seduced them shut and the symphony lulls me to slumber. This is where I heal..
bmcinnis bmcinnis
36-40, F
Dec 4, 2012