Today I Became A Tree

I needed to escape my thoughts. I wanted to outrun my mind.
The world is swarming with beauty that we keep our eyes averted from.
I took a walk in the woods and heard the wind bend the treetops.
Their creaking and whispering is the calmest of music.
I strode through the old maple leaves carpeting the trail.
Their veins write stories into the ground.
I took in the brisk air and listened to the birds.

I climbed this little forest, to the very top. I was alone up there.
The sky had cleared and little droplets of water suspended on branches.
There had been a giant tree there, once. The forest had already grown over its limbs.
Only a wide, hollow circle gave away its position.
I stood there a minute, tracing the stump. I wondered what that tree had seen.

So I decided to become a tree.
I stepped into the earthy ring. I spread my arms and lifted my head and closed my eyes. And I stood there, silent, waiting. Then it happened, stretching and spiraling upwards. The earth spun through the sky as I took hold of the ground. I grew strong and pierced the sky. I watched the sky turn from silver to pink to navy and back. I watched the leaves on other trees unfurl and shudder, shift auburn and dive. I watched the rain envelop my hill and I took it in. The busy world underneath was no concern to me. I was timeless. I was sturdy and alive.
The most tranquil of moments I had ever felt.

I should be a tree every day.
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7 Responses Dec 8, 2012

Did you write this ? It is very good and nicely descriptive. It reminds me of something I read by a woman who was under hypnosis and described being a tree in a previous life.

Stunning images, great poetry,
when I die, I am going to be a tree! There is a company called Bio Urns, that will take your cremated ashes and put the in an urn with a seed of a tree, the choice of the tree is up to you, then your family plants it and you and the seed become a tree, what better way to give back to the earth, than as a tree,

That's a really good idea Rose. Far better than wasting money on an expensive coffin. :-)

This is so beautiful! You are talented. :]

The seed you planted has roots that will grow strong and create a foundation for you to build upon.

Wow! Beautiful story girl - I love it. I love trees - I've been hiking the wilderness forests of the West for a long time, and it saddens me that most modern people have lost touch with the fellow sentient beings that we share the planet with. I'm like Little Trees great grandfather, Brown Hawk, in that I can feel the tree-thought, and have had many memorable experiences with trees. Keep going to the forest and hanging with the trees, and they'll put some magic in your life.

Thank you! I agree, I believe people need nature. It's the only place I feel entirely at peace.

i agree totally


The images you've used to describe nature is wonderful. I became a tree myself while reading your story.

Thank you :)