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The Art Of Winter

Here in the Northeast, winter has taken hold. As much as I prefer seeing leaves on trees, and grass in fields, winter has its own unique beauty that is hard to quantify.

One of the loveliest things about winter is the ice crystals that form on your windshield overnight if the sky is clear. They form endlessly random fern-shaped images that shimmer in the sunlight. It almost feels criminal to scrape them off, but the law and common sense dictate that I do.

Then there is the crystalline covering of the bare trees left behind by a freezing rain, catching the sunlight as you walk by, mesmerized by it.

Its amazing how something so simple and pedestrian as ice can create such beauty.
Winterwolf1231 Winterwolf1231 46-50, M 4 Responses Dec 19, 2012

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Hmmn. . . I never see it that way. Next time when I see ice crystals form on my car's windshield I'd think of you and your words here.^^

My favorite moments in winter are those days you come outside and it's as it the entire world has been painted with a soft, crystalline feathery brush. Hoarfrost on trees, and those images on your windshield being the two best examples.

I, too, prefer the warmer months. However, Winter does have it's own beauty, with the fresh white blankets of snow, especially when the snow sparkles in the sun. That and the luck of having that perfect snowfall for catching snowflakes and seeing the intricate patterns of a single one.

Much as I dislike winter, I think there is definitely a lot of beauty to it. Maybe I should look for that more often. :)

Sunny winter days can be beautiful, which is nice to remember while you are clearing the driveway for the Nth time ... lol.

Yes! the sunny winter days are great...clearing the driveway is another story. :p