Yes, I Love It! ...

Yes, I love it! I don't understand why pagan religions aren't more popular, because hello, we're LIVING on the earth. That's what supports us. Animals, plants, fungi, bacteria, the land itself... manmade things can't compare to the complexity and beauty of nature.

We're too self-centered, to think that we can treat the world like we own it.
AntOnTheMirror AntOnTheMirror
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1 Response May 20, 2007

Hear hear! what's up with humanity distancing itself from nature; like we pretend we aren't part of it.. I'd like to change people's way of thinking about that, I really would. To get people to remember that We Are Nature too. I think it's these walls we've built up around us that make us forget. And tarseal, bloody tarseal.