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Surrounded By Nature

It's what really pulls me in.. just the overwhelming feeling that you know you are not that important after all when you are out on a walk or just stopping somewhere to take her in.

I refer to nature as her.. always giving birth to a new scene, a new beautiful view that you have never seen before. Continually awing photographers and painters who try so hard to grasp what they can see with their eyes but never fully get on their canvas. Duplicating her is next to impossible.

I love the overwhelming silence of snow. When it falls there is no noise no sound. It's busy with snowflakes and whiteness everywhere mixed with grey, you almost feel like you are in a Timothy Burton movie, yet no sound. You laugh but get shy because you're the only one doing it. You talk to someone but the conversation doesn't last it just doesn't feel right.

Then the noise of rain. Why when it rains, its' the one sound you will turn your radio down for, the tv down for open a window even if it is in the middle of winter... just to hear it. As if that wasn't enough, you must go outside now and experience it. Viewing it is not enough. The sounds of a constant pattering feet, or drumsticks, or whatever surface it fall on, the joy it makes you feel.

Nature has such beauty everywhere and I remember standing in the middle of the forest. Just standing. Standing there as if waiting for a great orchestra about to let play their instruments. You feel the sun on your face warming you and what do you do? Close your eyes. Feeling that heat and the way it makes your eyelids on the inside turn red, when you open everything is the way it was before. Beautiful.

I don't think there are enough words on this planet for any person to get across how they feel about nature. I'll just stop here.
favestril favestril 41-45, F 1 Response Dec 25, 2012

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Wonderful post. You have a great way with writing

Thank you. :)