Photos Of California Redwoods

I live in a wonderful part of the USA where we have these beautiful Redwood Trees. Here is some photos of trees and the surrounding area. ENJOY!

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Wow! They are beautiful....must get down that way.... I Iive in a rainforest . Aren't trees just incredible!?

Beautiful!!! Thank you so much for sharing :D. I especially love the fern covered floor.


The Redwood forests are awesome. Thank you for sharing

Listen to this sound clip when seeing the pictures above.

Thanks... thats cool


wow, great pics. I like walking in forests and the almost mystic feel you are surrounded by. I think your photos capture that experience.


Thank you for the lovely photos, I love the way you've taken the photos of the redwood trees,a couple of them would make for good fairy stories for kids.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures... totally awesome!

How amazing those trees are!!! I've always wanted to see them in person. Thank you for sharing such wonderful photos!
Have a lovely day!

I grew up in the California redwoods! Your pictures are beautiful, so beautiful, they make me home sick.
We are the luckiest to have had the opportunity to experience these trees.

sorry to make you homesick.... I do feel lucky to live where I do

No worries. In my heart, I know I'll make my way back, and live out my life there. Seeing your pictures reminds me to stay on track. Thank you!

Very nice. We are very lucky to have those in our back yards.

seen them once, when i was in high school... I wish i could afford to take my grand children there..... I tell people Northern Cal. Utah and Co. is beautiful. Would love to travel across country again.... see the trees again.

They are amazing for sure

My wife and I honeymooned at Sequoia National Park, we know all about big old trees

Thanks for taking the time to post these pics. They are beautiful!

thank you

thank you=) i love the woods!!! thay help me kinda recharge and un winde at the same time...

Me too... But its a bit of a drive... normally I end up down at the beach to do my recharge (Since its only a mile away)

I envy you so much...

So nice of you to share! Thanks :) I love the seventh one!

that one was of smoke going up through the trees from a train...

Oh, cool! :)

its beautiful !!!!

oh thank you for sharing! lovely!

You lucky lucky girl! I love redwoods! Great pictures :)

Thank you!

wonderful. Thank you for sharing!

Nice. thank you for shareing..


I went cross country last year and fell in love with desert plant life, and I thought the trees in Arkansas were tall, boy was I wrong.

Its amazing to think how the trees can even pump water to their branches...they are sooooo tall.

Well its a place that I must visit this year. Thank you for these amazing pic's

So beautiful.

thank you