Nature And The Seasons

I find beauty in everything. I know that the world is a cold, dark, harsh place to be, but only if you choose it to be. As I have shared before its what you choose to see that comes to life. Nature is my most happiest form of release especially the woods. In the summer and spring so full of life and beauty. the fall is a reminder that it is time to shed new light upon old tasks, and in the winter a quite misunderstood beauty, barren and reflective of what is often the ending season. Life is about beauty and contrast.
- toxicstrawberry
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3 Responses Jan 8, 2013

... that was awesomely beautiful

Leaves fallen are just another beat upon falls drum :)

We know that this world is a treasure trove when it comes to nature. The quiet times that let you take in all that is around you, from the little cricket to the badger that may wonder close to you.