Rooster Horn and the Night Sky

I have loved nature since I was a small child. Growing up on eight acres of woods out in a farming community was a delight. Around the time I was in third grade I used to help out this farmer down the road from my parents house milking cows, picking rocks, bailing hay, and dealing with the chickens. One day I rode my bike down to help him milk the cows and I decided I wanted a chicken, so I asked him if I could have one and he gave me a rooster.

I then had a delema on my hands. How was I going to get this rooster home? The farmer said no problem and then proceeded to tie the roosters legs together and then to the handle bars of my bike. Now mind you I was small child at this time with a rooster tied to my bike like a horn and then an idea hit me. As I was riding home I decided to use this rooster as a horn. Here I was riding down the road hitting this rooster on its rear and every time he would crow, so now I was a child with a cool rooster horn riding a quarter of a mile down the road to my house. That poor rooster didnt really like being a horn Im doubting, because when I got him home and untied his legs and let him free of his new found duties of being a horn, that poor rooster never came near me again.

I loved that rooster very much and for about a week every moring he wold crow like all roosters do, but the problem was my dad worked long hours at night and this rooster didnt mesh well with my dad's schedual at all! I woke up one morning well after sunrise and didnt understand why my rooster hadnt woke me that day. I searched everywhere for him, but to no evail, never found him. Later on in life I found out my dad had taken my rooster back to the farmer with a stern warning never to do that again.

I thought that would be a funny story to interject in here. What I really love to do in nature is lay in the grass at night and stare up at the star filled sky while listening to the beautiful sounds of nature and watching the shooting stars fall in the autum sky. There is noting more beautiful and peaceful in this world than that in my opinion!
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Nice.. I love it.

really a very good story thank you o much please post other stories like this one :)

I to grew up on a farm but in southern California. I know how hard it is to work the regular work plus helping and elderly neighbor as well. As for the rooster we had several of them and they would chase me and my sisters every time we went egg hunting.

Yes it is an odd story, but then again I am an odd one myself

Odd but nice story