Survival Of The Fitest

Im surviving real decently, I learnt mad skillsFrom a Ray Mears DVD,Plus Stevie E,And Bear G,Helped me learn Surviving life Outside of the busted city, Feeling super free, From the crumbling elite, As I'm packing mad knowledge Building houses in a tree, And I'm staying crazy warm, Making fires out of flints and leaves, Nature holds the most Wholesome food you see, So I'm gonna feast,On the wild berries,Pick the ones to eat , Sourcing water Gotta use the vital way, To make it clean,And keep immune system Running high from disease, As you seeI'm at the beach, Fishing for the catch of the day, When my games at its peak, I might call the owls, To swoop down And catch it in their beak, No electricity If it’s dark you gotta sleep,With one eye open,For the scroungers And the thieves, No infrastructure But we're getting close to peace, Yeah, yeah we're gettingClose to peace, And there's no need for fear, It’s all cycles, And we gotta Have these cycles In order for us to to breathe.
18-21, M
Jan 20, 2013