An Allegorical Story About The Wind

The house rocked on its foundation last night as the north wind ripped across the prairies, sliced through the forest, and slid effortlessly over the ice-covered lakes. It howled at my door and when I didn't answer, it shrieked at my windows and found its way into my chimney where it became trapped, unable to get all the way in, or all the way out.

God, I love a good windstorm!


WindSylph WindSylph
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Wind wispers through the trees,carries aromas in its breeze.
Brings forth waves upon the shore,come dear child let's play some more.

" she soars the skies a'blue. She follows the up drafting currents of heat air rising. Gaining more altitude and coasting to rest her wings... Looking down she sees a flat level basin with cliffs at the far end.

She lowers her head and sweeps her wings back and accelerate at a fast downward angle of flight. Picking up append and cutting air and trading distance. A foot off the ground she spreads her wings and cruises along the flat ground only with her shadow in tow. Towering elevation ahead and just before the looming cliffs, she lifts her head and screams skyward again riding the current I'd wind and warm air rising giving her the thrill of flight! Lets do it again!!

And so it goes... the ever-cycling wind whose sound as she brushes over us is like a cantor's chant reminding us that to have breath... is to be among the spiritually reverent ;-)

"Like a cantor's chant" --

My heart, my heart.

Ah yes, a cantor's chant... the vibrations of plainsong ... both uplifting and mesmerizing ...

Right on!! I have so much to learn!!

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