A Conversation With Nature

I am a person very close to nature even though I live in an urban city my whole life. When I’m alone, have nothing to do or when I’m outside, I always find time to be with nature.

At times when I wake up early, I enjoy looking at the sky as the sun rises from the horizon, which gives me a sense of hope. I do love staring at the sky through my window and looking at the clouds as they move. The blue color of the sky felt very calming to me. I find joy looking how different shapes of clouds form on the sky. I feel like I’m looking on a canvas filled with ever changing art. I find peace and tranquility when the gushing wind pushes on my body. Hearing the sound of chirping birds feel very refreshing. I also love hearing the voices of the trees as their leaves are being moved by the wind. Trees fascinate me, and when I see one, I try to feel its wood. As I touch it, I feel this connection of nature to me, to us. It makes me wonder how these trees have been here on earth long time ago, even before humans existed. I feel that trees are beings that deserve our respect. It made me realized how nature and humans were valuable to each other.

I also take time looking at sun sets. Seeing how the sky slowly changes its color to red, orange and pink makes me smile. I love taking pictures of it. Sunset has somewhat gave me a feeling of acceptance and contentment. And when night comes, I stare at the moon especially when the sky is clear. I love how it makes me think how wonderful the place we live in. Looking at the stars gives me the feeling of wonder and amazement. I’m really amazed on how I could stare to a world, light years away from me. It felt like magic, you can’t help but appreciate what’s right in front of you.

I remember as a kid, I was very shy, yet until now. Being by myself, I learned to be alone. Then I realized that I have someone to talk to. It is nature. Nature has been there for me all the time. Nature has been there for me on times were I was very down and lonely. Nature is always there to make me happy. Since then, nature has become my best friend.

What I love about nature is that it communicates to me; not through words but by feelings. Nature listens to me, and doesn’t judge me. Nature gave me the reason that there is something to smile about. That maybe nature is part of my nature. But most important of all, nature has made me feel that I am loved, that I am important, and that I am special.
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5 Responses Jan 21, 2013

I feel like you read my mind. this is exactly what I feel about nature. hey, thank you for writing this :)

You spoke the words straight from my heart ^_^

Awesome! and yes - you are loved, important and special.

Nature is who we are..I feel blessed when I hike through her beauty and she shares with me her unconditional love.

Please forgive me for seeming like a stalker but you have a tree and your around my age and you like nature so I had to look though your profile. Again please forgive. :) Anyway I know what you mean to a T. I talk to nature though, like the wind the water the plants and animals. Just curious do you?