New Zealand

I backpacked around the south island of NZL once. I hiked the Franz Josef glacier. I was so scared because I'm afraid of slipping, especially on ice.

It was drizzling/raining one day, and my friend at the time wanted to head back to the hostel, but I wanted to run free. I remember running through the forest, skipping over puddles, and climbing over the rocky waterfall. I drank from the glacial water and it was fresh, icy cold. I stopped to look at a wild bird watching me, wondering if it was my grandpa, watching over me. I hoped it was.
I love nature
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New Zealand is spectacular. I am glad you were able to experience it in this way. In particular I like how the native fauna are tame because they have been unmolested and do not fear humans. I saw some wonderful birds in New Zealand; I only regret not having a camera back then.