Stuck In The City

I am from a special area of NSW, which features magical beaches, and cool, feminine rainforest. I had lived there for over 15 years and experienced the self-sufficient life-style. I am happy in nature and feel at peace. In the city, where I am now obliged to live (but hopefully for not much longer), I feel isolated and alienated in this dense man-made environment.
This isn't so much a story, as a statement of where I'm at, and where I want to return to. I miss the fresh mountain air, the wind in the trees, the birds at dawn, the dew on wet grass, visible stars in the night sky and most of all the lack of man-made noise. I seek silence.
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Sometimes it takes a new perspective to see how much we love something. In your case, a place. It sounds magical!

i am from western rural sydney and have live there all my life on small aceage work small farms nothing beats the open space and cleaner air,was wondering if there were any aussies on this site.talking to the yanks is o/k but perferr the aussie time zone.

Serenity in my life.

You are very welcome.
Happy..hmm.. I'm not UNhappy! Just content to be sitting here enjoying the relative quiet of a Sunday morning. :) What about you?


I am a bush walker who spends most of my time in Victoria and Tasmania.

Is there a web URL you can recommend ?


I've done a three day walk at Wilsons Promentary. I lived in Tassie for awhile too and enjoyed the national parks there. Here are some websites I found that you might find helpful:


May I ask where in NSW this was

The Northern Rivers area: Lismore/Byron/Mullumbimby area. Have you been there?

i was raised in a farming town as a kid,, and as a bumb kid, i sought out the almighty dollar, and headed for the big citys.
now i am trying what i can to get out of here, and get back to the country.
the job, friends ect. are hard to incorporate with a move like that, but im working on it.
wprk will always keep me in the big metros on the east coast, but im looking into options for a land purchase in the southern states, with in an hours drive to one of the offices.
i have been crunching numbers, and thinking about cashing in my interests in the company, and working part time when i find that little peice of paradise,lol

Oh I very much hope you find ways around the challenges and get to do this. It sounds like it is doable for you financially, and an hour's drive to the office is really not such a big deal if it means living in a 'piece of paradise'. I have my fingers crossed for you. :)