Winter Fishing

Sometimes the fish bite in thing for sure it's never very crowded.
Stephen1967 Stephen1967 46-50, M 4 Responses Feb 3, 2013

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They taste better than the ones caught in summer.

I agree.. summer fish taste so much better!

Looks very peaceful... picturesque... and cold... Brrr... ;) I would try ice fishing, though.

Ice fishing is a lot of fun!

I think it would be if you could manage to keep warm. I've always wanted to visit the Hôtel de Glace in Quebec City, too. I've been there in the summer and really liked Quebec City. Would love to visit again when the ice hotel is there.

Oooh, maybe that should be one of our trips. I ADORE Quebec City. As for the ice fishing, you build a bonfire on the lake, wear warm clothes, drink hot toddies and fish, it's good. Very good. :-)

Yes on the trip! :) I'd try ice fishing at least once. Fishing is kind of boring to me (short attention span and all), but the hot toddies sound good, especially shared with engaging company. :)

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Well, I guess I would give it a long as there is a fire waiting afterwards.

I'm with you, soul. I'll just hang by the fire while you fish, and you can regale me when you return with stories of the big one that got away. :)

No way L3, if you are staying in I will too and Stephen can fish for us! :)

Works for me. I don't eat fish other than salmon, though, but I do like crustaceans.

I don't eat any fish! LOL

*laughing at L3D3 and soul*

The two of you are wimps! Where's your sense of adventure? :-P

My idea of roughing it is the Holiday Inn. ;)

*laughing at the city girl*

So I suppose I'm going to have to chop all of the wood on our mountain getaway weekend?

No, we'll get the hot cowboy a few cabins down to do it for us. ;)

Oh yeah, I forgot about the hot cowboy! Thanks for reminding me.

*smiles mischievously*

Mmmhmmm... ;)

Im not a wimp! I just don't eat fish. I have done my fair share of fishing. :)

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What a beautiful pic! My favorite fishing has always been deep sea....Not crowded out there either.

I've always wanted to go Marlin stomach hates the ocean tho :(