Maui To California

Being a farm girl on Maui, I have always enjoyed being outdoors. We lived at the base of the West Maui Mountains, with a river that flowed through half the isthmus of the island from how high up in the mountains, I do not know. The water was extremely cold, yet refreshing and was one of our favorite places to play.

The abundance of flowers and greenery was incredible around our home. My mother kept a huge garden around the house as well.

Up in the valley, at the top of our road were a couple of trails to explore. Maui had/has a lot of wonderful areas to visit. In the mountains, on the beaches, it was/is just a world full of nature, available for enjoyment.

One of the biggest difficulties of leaving Maui for California was not knowing just what was waiting for me here as far as the outdoors is concerned. Sure, I had come here to visit during the summers, but never really paid attention. All I knew was that it was colder and I'd better be ready to bundle up on a more regular basis.

I knew I'd be living just blocks from the ocean, but I also knew I couldn't just jump in the ocean like I could on Maui. I'd end up freezing my okole off. Luckily, I'd be stepping into the family business of making wetsuits, but it just wasn't the same.

Today, my favorite thing is to just sit near the ocean. Not close enough to get wet, but to feel the ocean breeze upon my face and soak in the "vitamin O."

Although there's a bit of a drive to the mountains, we do have some nice hiking areas and trails with incredible views of our valleys and the Pacific Ocean. Some of these trails are within our state parks and very well protected.

The biggest disadvantage for me is that I can't climb as high or as long as my husband, as I am on a cane. So I just pace myself and listen to my body. When she needs to, she'll stop while he goes further.

Although we don't have as much precipitation here as Maui does, and the air is a bit thinner and colder, there are some nice areas and vegetation that is used to this climate. One thing I like about this area is that it is not a huge city. It is a small town like atmosphere, surrounded by our own beauty and pieces of nature.

One thing I do enjoy about being here is that not only am I close to the ocean, but also closer to the snow, which we never had on Maui. When I left in 1986, it actually snowed for the first time in 30 years on Haleakala and I missed it by just a few months. I was very disappointed, but reminded that we have it here, in our own mountains...every year.
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Feb 7, 2013