Summer Love With Nature.

I love nature in summer.

The birds that sing in the trees, the trees themselves sway in the gentle breeze of the afternoon, their leaves a vibrant green. The grass getting cut, in neat rows. The sky, a bright blue, with no cloud in sight. The sun beating down, and the pleasant breeze that follows.
The horses neighing to their friends, as they are put out into the lush, nowover growing field, gulping water down to keep hydrated in the hot summer sun.
The smoky smell of a barbeque drifts through the air, and the sizzle of burgers and sausages, just waiting to be put on a bun and covered in ketchup and cheese.

As the day draws to a close, the warm summer sun begins to fade away, creating a orangey pink glow in the sky. The warm day now turns into a cold night, and the often swing for a mosquito is needed. The birds begin to turn silent, calling it a night, to wake up to a beautiful day.

I love nature in summer. It takes my breath away.
ThinkForASecond ThinkForASecond
13-15, F
Feb 12, 2013