I Live For the Outdoors...

i live for the outdoors...

i've always enjoyed nature but until recently never truly appreciated it.

i spose as you get older you learn to respect and appreciate those thing you once took for granted and now realize are limited resources, eh?

i can't count how many float trips i've been on whether with a group or on my own.  i can't begin to recount how many walks in the woods i've taken just to get 'some fresh air.' 

i can't imagine growing up in an asphalt jungle anymore.  i was born in the heart of phoenix ... when i was 8 we moved to a SMALL farming community in MO.  i'm so greatful for the experience and the richness and peace it's brought to my life.

AbbyNormal AbbyNormal
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1 Response Jun 22, 2007

you sound like a born country girl that is getting to know what life is all about funny we have to get older to see what its like to be young.