There is such serenity in nature. Tall trees whos branches sway  in the summer wind or autumn breeze, a babbling brook or the crash of waves upon the shore, sunlight, the glowing orb of night and the sparkling stars all speak in the voice of serenity.
Tylorian Tylorian
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This is a beautiful post ..

Yes ElLagarto, we do indeed need to protect nature and what's left of it.

Can we agree that we need to take a personal interest in protecting it? Every year, more soul-less suburbs, less farmland, less open space. The wild places are vanishing. Hard to get poetic inspiration from a mall parking lot.

Very well said.. I couldn't agree more. -)

Same here, theres nothing more lovely if you look, and really look, its amazing, i love it too, and best of all its all around us always to be found even in the most unexpected of places