Nature has always meant a lot to me because of where I live.

I live in the north-east tip of Scotland and unlike a large city, there's no getting away from the natural, non-manmade world.

Personally I love trees and grass and all that is green. And although I love the seasons of spring and summer where everything comes back to life, I feel that the most natural season is autumn, because it's here where the trees shed their leaves and the grass becomes hard and spiky in preparation for winter.

Autumn to me is the most natural of things, because (if I can be a little morbid for a minute) it is the time of year where the good force of nature succumbs to a wintery sleep under the snow and ice, the darker side of nature.

Slightly romanticised it might be, but I respect nature and the Green Man for what is achieved during the living months (spring-summer) and what is taken away during winter: it's a microcosm of the universal law that everything dies.

Nature should be respected no matter what time of year it is, and I believe that it is because of nature that we are here in the first place.
octoberrust octoberrust
22-25, M
Jul 15, 2007