Several days ago I was seated on the couch reading when, from the open window, I heard a ft-ft-ft-ft-ft sound, exactly like that which a sprinkler would make.  Thing is, we don't have any sprinklers.   :/  Puzzled, I turned to look outside.  I was kind of surprised to see that the culprit was a grasshopper--one of those large, flying, locustlike ones--hovering in midair!  It had jumped up into the air and was now flapping its wings, producing the ft-ft-ft sound, but it wasn't going anywhere.  It just hovered like a hummingbird, or a helicopter.  I didn't even know grasshoppers could do that, and guessed that the fact that it was attempting to fly against the wind had something to do with it.  *shrug*

I was amused by this, and when the grasshopper slowly sank back to the ground I returned to my reading.  Shortly after, however, the ft-ft-ft-ft sound came again, and again, a large grasshopper rose into the air and hovered, then descended.  I don't know if it was the same one, but every so often this process was repeated right outside the window and I had to laugh because it was just so silly and unexpected.

I was reminded of the Ojibwa mythical figure Peepaukawiss, also known as Grasshopper, who is known for his dancing and pranks and playful nature.  I honestly had to wonder if these grasshoppers were simply trying, without success, to fly against the wind; if they were playing a game and having fun; or if they were merely fluttering up into the air to look in the window and say hello!  


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That was so cool. Did you not wonder if somebody was trying to tell you something? Life can be so cool sometimes when we least expect it. For some unknown reason a white butterfly talked to me last summer, of course it couldn't be the same one. It always arrived at the bottom of the lane when we would turn into the meadow and the trails. We would be is my buddy, my horse, Skippers, every time we rode down that particular lane there appeared a white butterfly (amongst others) but this white one seemed to go the whole way and back with us, Who Knows?

You painted such a great picture. Now I want to see one!<br />

Wow, great story. I've never seen a grasshopper do that either, but I hope I do someday.<br />
<br />
I have seen them fly in front of me walking on a path through tall grass, but there their purpose was clear" get away from human pronto!

Great story. I love when I observe things like this. I had never seen grasshoppers do this but it brought to mind the fable The Ant and the Grasshopper. The grasshoppers would play all spring and summer while the ants did all the hard work.

Heh...that was a cute story. I can picture it now...a group of grasshoppers congregated outside on the grass, taking turns to ft-ft-ft-ft up to the window opening, trying so hard to stay up for as long as possible; all just to gaze upon the strange, fascinating, book-reading giant, sitting so comfortably in her stone castle :)