this is the "Espejitos" is the Spanish name for this amazing arthropod, and means "little mirrors", this because the tissue between the veins of its wings lack colored scales, giving a transparent effect, looking glass. 

Member of the subfamily Danainae the wings-glass butterfly is found in the Americas, inhabiting clearings, margins of streams and secondary forests. 

 The species prefers to feed on plants containing toxic alkaloids, so the caterpillars, like adults, are considered toxic. Males of the species transform toxins absorbed through the nectar pheromones in order to attract females for mating. 

Greta oto has peculiar characteristics as lekking, where several males compete for the same female, and the realization of long migrations during their life cycle.
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That is amazing. I have never seen anything like it.

Now you see :)

Yeah, I know those butterflies. They're possibly one of the most beauriful ones yet!


:) i know

It really makes you think how boring we really look. xD

:) yeah it does :D

Hehehe. ^^


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It looks like it's made of crystal or glass. Thanks for sharing.



yes really beautiful :)