The one thing that kept me from going insane when I was growing up was my opportunity to spend so much time in the woods along the Big Arkansas River. 

  I didn’t like my parents very much and did not want to be at their house more then I had to. During decent weather I lived along the  Big Arkansas River. 

  I even had a small home. I had found a large hollow tree with a narrow entrance. I hid my knife, sling shot and BB gun inside that tree. Later I added a single shot .22. I got blankets and a Boy Scot canteen to add to my provisions. 

  I had a broom stick handle with a long nail at one end that I used to get catfish. When the waters receded along the banks of my river catfish would get trapped in pools and I just had to spear them for lunch.  

I had a foolproof method to get squirrels. I would take a good book and set down under a tree were I knew squirrels lived. I liked Arthur C. Clark’s books a lot. I also liked the Mike Hammer serious. Anyway, I would read for about an hour and squirrels would appear chatting, throwing small sticks. All I had to do was pick up my sling shoot or latter my .22 and I had lunch. Sometimes dinner during the summer. 

  Except for my friend Rocky who died of polio in 1950 I never had anyone with me. I didn’t want anyone either. Occasionally some kids would come around and I would hide and shoot them with my sling shoot. I shoot them in the head were it would hurt and bleed.

The river was were I lived and I didn’t want any body messing around my home…DD    

Dewduster Dewduster
66-70, M
2 Responses Mar 7, 2009

I did't have any friends in those days and kids would give me a hard time when I was around them at school. At the river I was at peace and were I belonged. I was not going to let the kids mess with the one place I had a home. You live in a house with parents that are cold to you at best and maybe you would not be so nice.

Why would you want to shoot at those kids with your slingshot????? That is so cruel!