It's All Nature - and Nature Is Us.

So if we mess it up with our greed and ignorance what we have done is to ourselves.

There is no backup plan if the Natural environment is obliterated - and there will be no one around to create one.

 Of course, eventually, the rains will come again and green shoots will appear; and the cockroaches, too.  :)

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3 Responses Mar 8, 2009

There's a difference between letting the earth go through it's cycles (which is something that definitely happens) naturally and forcing it to speed up it's cycle out of defense. <br />
Either way you look at it, humans and our inventions are devastating on the natural order of earth and animals. Shocking something into change, rather than letting it change naturally, for personal gain is exploitation, no matter how hard you try to rationalize it.

i agree we are destroying the environment that's why we as a human race need to save it.