I really like parrots with their vivid colours, larrikan behaviour and raucous shrieks.

They are not well camouflaged as their brightly coloured livery makes them very visible.

Some visit my garden. They are rosellas, lorikeets and most special of all, the crimson parrot.

The larger ones such as the sulphur crested cockatoos can be quite destructive of crops. So they are unpopular with the farmers.

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I love the parrots, too. We have a zillion rainbow lorikeets here. We also get large numbers of long billed corellas sitting in our pear tree out the front. They remind me of strawberry ripple ice-cream. At the school where I work there are lots of cocky galahs strutting around as if they own the place, and eastern rosellas who forage in the grounds. We also get king parrots in the grevillea bushes. The house next to the school has an apple tree and musk lorikeets go crazy in it. We really are the land of parrots!

Hi Fluerina have not seen you , just stopping by to say hi how are you ?? have been looking around ep for u ,, so I came over to visit ..say hi you get a chance .<br />
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That sounds so intriguing,just love the colors.Also we have seagulls here they are nice but very messy ;o) right now the hummers are mating

Thanks for your comment. The parrots reflect a lot about the Australian character. Brash, loud, know how to make fools of themselves. Don't care what others think. In my mind, they seem to reflect all this.

They sound lovely!