Nature My Best Friend

   Since I was a little girl , I loved nature it has been my best friend. long walks on nature trails, standing out at night looking deep into the valley of space seeing  millions of shimmering stars                     against the black backdrop has inspired me.   Nature      gave me the strength to endure the problems of life as they appeared I feel        a magic surround me      as I see cloud patterns or a sunrise or         sunset It's as though someone puts their arms around me and says I love you.I'm lucky to live in city next to lake Michigan. You can't imagine the thrill of walking next to the pounding waves. It feels wonderful. Please take time to commune with nature you will feel stronger and in time learn we all are a part of a great miracle!!!

orionnights orionnights 51-55, F 5 Responses Nov 25, 2009

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U r rite. Me too being a nature lover can understand it. U know wt I like to lose in nature whenever I get chance. It gives me pleasure which cant b described in words. I have found that some of my nice EP frnds live in the lap of nature bt I m nt so lucky. Smtimes I feel I were so lucky like them to live with nature.

True .Nature heals you.

It is so wonderful to hear from another who also finds peace with nature. I had no idea that there is such a large community of people like this. It just inspiring and touching to hear people speak from their hearts for it is a language I TRULY know and understand. Blessing to you Orionnights!!


So true:)