Nature Is Cruel

Here in Scotland  we are surrounded by both  land and sea , where we see just how cruel nature is, Without going into any gory detail, we can see seals being chased by Killer Whales, Gulls having their newly hatched chicks ,being taken  by other gulls and birds of prey. all in their attempt to survive. I absolutely love nature , but I cringe at its, cruelty.

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Where about in Scotland do you call home ?. I am hoping to visit there in 2016 and look up some relatives. My mother was born in Grangemouth and my dads parents were from the Perth area.

Yeah some things in nature are cruel, but humans can be just as cruel. Killer whales, etc. don't usually hunt for trophies or wipe out entire species for green things we can spend at the store. It makes me sad in the spring when I see all the dead baby birds who just were not strong enough to make it or made mistakes.

Nature has its own way of finding a balance. It may seem cruel to us, but that is nature.

Nor cruel, just the way of nature

alvin, I hear where you're coming from. Nature isn't cruel or harsh though. It just is. We're part of the grand equation. <br />
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Do you eat meat? If yes, how different are you from those killer whales? It's easier to pick up a cut of meat at the market isn't it?<br />
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I'm not so different really.

at least it is balanced<br />
but the human kills almost all animals ! and destroy the balancing

Yes that is very true.

well alvin some of the most ordinary events become extreme appearence.<br />
but its always us humans that point it out, we that do not play by natures laws are first to destroy anything in its path. until the little birdy goes.<br />
watch the birdy alivn, for as long as you can

I agree entirely with you on that Derek

alvin, <br />
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I like your story. Nature can seem cruel through our eyes. We are so removed from such things. Unless a person lives on a farm, or hunts, he or she doesn't know the feeling of killing for food. There is no delight or thrill felt by animals when they kill. They do it to survive. No different than we feel going off to work in the morning.<br />
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I relate completely with your thoughts. I remember as a boy watching documentaries where cute little animals were killed by predators and wondered why the guy with the camera didn't stop what was happening.<br />
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True cruelty isn't in is in us. Only two animals kill for pleasure, cats and humans.

Oh me. That was a swift answer. I've heard how mean the Killer Whale is off the coast there. Some dolphins are associated with cruelty off their as well. What do you think is the cause of that cruelty in dolphins, since they are supposed to be gentle. If a wild animal can be gentle. Nature is cruel, but I do love nature.

Yes Alvin, the harshness of nature is hard to bear witness to, but it somehow makes it all the more beautiful. The prey is so filled with adrenaline that it probably feels absolutely no pain, also not the blinding, panicking fear as one would think. Rather, it is purely survival instinct, it's senses are heightened, it's reflexes perfectly tuned and responsive and it is never more alive! Ironic, isn't it. It is magnificent. X@

This is the kind of thing that we witness most days in the spring and summer.It is something that I will never get used to.

I agree with you entirely,Armick, maybe I should have used the word,"harsh" instead of cruel..

There's always the good and the bad to everything it seems. I too would have a hard time witnessing the cruel side of nature in person. I've watched documentaries where the cheetah grabs the gazelle, drags the now dead animals up a tree for its meal. Even though I can see the blood from the gazelle all over the cheetah's face it doesn't gross me out. I don't know how I would respond if I witnessed it in person. Would I feel the same?

Such is the way of nature E5 survival of the fittest

I understand, it is really hard to believe that what you love actually has a cruel side but thats the way nature is. Its a law of nature but at the same time nature is full of surprises & beauty. I love nature!

Where you live sounds wonderful, Alvin. You are so lucky! There is a beauty in Nature even when it is harsh and brutal.

Well said! It's hard to see the cruel side of nature. <br />
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I love to feed the birds and watch them from my kitchen table. They become like family and get so comfortable at my stations. Every once in a while, a hawk flies down and swoops one of my "innocent little birds" away. I hate being a witness to it. <br />
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You're right though, hawks need to survive too!