i love nature for being the most valuable gift of GOD for existence. It's beauty is unmatched and unequaled in every shape and texture. The mountains and the rain, the lakes and rivers , nature makes our life so blessed and beautiful by offering us the simple pleasures in life. Opening ourselves up to the beauty of nature, means more happiness and peace. Have you ever watched and felt the impact of a rainbow ? Get out and absorb every bit of it when you are feeling down or sad and and take my words for granted , it will soothe you, calm you down and ease your pain, no matter how disturbed you are.


Nature is the mother of all mothers, Please stop abusing her, before it is too late. Let us live and let us rest on her lap. 


 ' Gazing through the window at the world outside


Wondering will mother earth survive

Hoping that mankind will stop abusing her sometime ' -



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I agree. :)

that quote was by Ozzy <br />
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.....<br />
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but you can feel free to call me Ozzy if you want to ..<br />
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will make me happy and proud

Ozzy. That is your name?

i will check that out <br />
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thanks for commenting