Great Mother Earth

Everyday spent in the presence of the Great Mother is a treasure, though I may not always see it that way.  It can be hard to focus one's attention and one's energies in today's hectic lifestyle; full of computers, blackberries, bluetooth headsets, etc.   When did a walk in the woods become an "escape" from all that? when it should be a part of our daily lives as human beings keeping in touch with are most primal and simple self?

I find that some of the times when I find myself most at peace is when I am walking or running through the woods...soft earth beneath my feet, towering trees and leafy branches above my head. These precious few moments are when my heart is truly lifted and my soul feels truly free.  And I need to remember that feeling, those moments on the hard days, on the bad days, on the days when I fear I'm losing touch with what I am and where I belong.  I am a daughter of the Great spirit...tree seeker...and I belong in her care.

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4 Responses Feb 9, 2010

Thanks Treasures, it sounds like you would enjoy Montana. The flights tend to be a bit more expensive but well worth it. I can think of at least a dozen places you would never forget.<br />
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Cheers : )

Well said, very inspirational. I experience these feelings as well. And sometimes I am saddened inside, knowing that there are people who never get to get out of the cities and appreciate those same feelings.

Dear MtnMig, I'm saddened by the longing in your heart. I've never been to Montana, that sounds amazingly beautiful :) thanks for sharing, peace ;)

You make me miss my beloved Montana even more tonight. I could see deer and elk, Bald eagles and in the summer thousands of cliff swallows nested on the bridge. I could see all these things just a short walk from home. Can’t wait to get out of cookie-cutter suburbia.