Feelin' Grounded.

Everyday life as it is, constantly has me in the fast lane. The only way I keep a handle on this, is loving nature and connecting to that universal balance which helps me to stay grounded.

Last fortnight my car overheated and I had to ask myself, if I needed to cool down, go to the lake for a swim and chillax. Then two of the tyres were bald and needed to be changed. I started to feel I wasn't getting the traction I needed in life. Toward the end of that week, the master cylinder for the brake system failed and the whole situation came to a halt.

If my car was to represent my physical body or self, I definately had to look at these problems and fix  them, hence, that grounded feeling.

litlmissunshine litlmissunshine
36-40, F
1 Response Feb 17, 2010

Nature grounds me also. When I feel as if life is hectic, all I need to do is sit in my back yard - let the sunlight warm my face - and listen to the birds talk.