Nature Is Beautiful!!!

you know, i always hear people talking about various places around the world, and how awesome and beautiful those places are, and then i think to myself, isnt the world just one big beautiful place, i mean, forget about all the idiots that we have among us, that try to disrupt everything through war and crime and domestic violence and so on, but just take a look at the world as a place on its own? isnt it just beautiful!!! from the wildlife to the rainforests and plants and sea creatures!!! its all amazing!!! what a wonderful world we have!!! 

cowshed123 cowshed123
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4 Responses Feb 22, 2010

definitely! And the best of it is that it is free for everyone , it has the power of healing people at any time.

I agree too, and sometimes I have to check myself for driving right past it without noticing. Everything we need is all around us, I love that feeling, when you look at a view and it takes your breath away. For me that is total contentment and wellbeing.

it really is *Soozles*!!! thanks for commenting on my story!!!

I fully agree Cowshed. It is just - Amazing!