A little while ago my english teacher assigned us an 'essay' type thing where we had to take a walk in nature and write about it. The day the paper was due, everyone read it out loud in class. I wasn't surprised at how different everyone's papers were, but I WAS surprised by what people considered 'nature'. One girl sat in an armchair by a window at the school and wrote from there. Others walked downtown in their city. Although all of the essays were thoughtful and observant, I felt like people were interpreting the assignment rather than the questions arisen from the assignment. Nature isn't sitting in a man-made armchair behind glass windows and stone walls. Nature is sitting on a log in the snow where you can't see or hear the atrocities of the general human society. Nature is peace and clarity and away from the smog of people. And I just didn't get the people who said/implied/did otherwise...

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the truth is written and you are the author. In this case anyway. Some people just don't get what it is, nor have they ever experienced true nature. Be it out of fear or prejudice. Sad to know so many people have gone a lifetime without ever experiencing the awe inspiring vastness of real nature. <br />
And these same people are the ones screaming GO GREEN and what-not.. hmmm lol