The Evergreen Nature

       The nature which is our shelter is so beautiful that no one can disagree this. Our nature gives us everything we need and also whatever we want..!!! I hope u all have a clear concept about 'need' and 'want'. If not then don't worry you'll come to know when you'll have the experience of when u want something n u are not provided with that still you don't have any problem in moving on...But when your need is not fullfilled you may have to suffer a bit or more according to the need you have or you have to adjust your life without that need...!

But have u ever thought that what have u done for the nature??? No matter u have given anything to NATURE or not but it will always give u everything u deserve. Because its our mother Nature.And mothers never ask for anything for giving us something, right!!!

Its our responsibility to save and protect our mother Nature from evil Pollution and the forest cutters who r demolishing the main ingredient of our Nature. So pls do whatever u can do for your Nature. Plant more and more trees. Use pollution free substitutes instead of non-eco-friendly products. Its only we who can save our Nature because it has made us capable do to so..Now it is on us that we'll keep it beautiful or to make it ugly which will create problems only for us...!

So its my request to kindly help our nature to be as beautiful as before...!

sinhasmita sinhasmita
18-21, F
Feb 25, 2010