Tsunami Warning In Nz After 8.6 Earthquake In Chile

I love Nature,Mother of Creation but I tread carefully.Nature knows no boundries and at the moment our civil defence are saying it will hit,then they said we may have 1 metre swells.God,I am a tad nervous.I really don't think humans are in control or can predict what nature may spew at us or when and why???I live in the city but we have a beautiful city,native birds,trees and lots of space but what has happend to the human race????Gotta get our survival stuff and head for the hills.If a tsunami(Tidle Wave) hits thankyou Mother Nature for the life and experiences I hav had.

leighmarie leighmarie
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2 Responses Feb 27, 2010

all over hopefully here in NZ,I will light a candle tonight for the people in Chile,biggest Earthquake this year. All day we listened to up dates and at about 11.25am we had surges and a 1.5metre wave.Really it seemed as if the Civil Defence knew as much as us.Mother Nature is definatly a force to be reckoned with and that day is coming.Maybe this is how she detoxifies,as this activity has happend long ago.

That was a very powerful earthquake! I hope you stay safe..