A Moment Subtle, Mysterious, Wild

There is a moment when we first awaken to nature - A moment subtle, mysterious, wild.

So infinitesimally TRANSconcious that we almost never capture its resonance; or seldom so, before numb awareness closes our minds heart soul to the gift...

it is a moment when our eyes are not yet enlightened

a moment where our ears are deafened by the residue of dream song

a moment why emotions furl in waves of purloined myths left lying dormant

one heartbeat moment suspended in quarterised grace of peaceful slumber

here in this moment - if you are not aware - the first notes of nature-song coming like the song of songs into your soul and heralds the coming of the gift...

and as a gentle breeze strokes the distant horizon to landfall and massages the skin of your sleeping memory 

to reveal layers of clouds upon the dreams of your aspirations 

and dawn gives way to the lightsong of natures blossom

It is this moment which ushers forth the spiritual music of the earth

How I love the sound of nature in that first waking moment when sleeping out in the mountains by a river, or the seaside under the stars or some dark abode where the visionary power sings her splendour song.

41-45, M
4 Responses Feb 28, 2010

Humble Blessings for the gift of your poem Connifer

Rising, ancient whispers<br />
From the forest floor;<br />
Sunbeams dancing thru its<br />
Prism poetry of light,<br />
Etherial mists...nothing more.<br />
Grass perspiring into the night.<br />
.<br />
Evaporating into a bliss<br />
Of cloud-like wonder,<br />
Drifting as silent shadows<br />
Across the forest from<br />
Which it ascended.<br />
.<br />
Falling again in a<br />
Concert of drops,<br />
Slipping across flower petals<br />
Like tears on angels' faces.<br />
.<br />
Cycle after cycle, <br />
Mist just has so much<br />
To dew.<br />
Even when we pass<br />
From this world,<br />
We'll be mist<br />
In the minds of those<br />
We knew.<br />
<br />
Connifer-- 6/2000

thank you IronHeart - and where you may awaken by the waters edge with ancient songs of nature there shall I be too in spirit...peace

That was beautiful pure poerty<br />
<br />
I wish to be by the rivers and streams<br />
or by the seaside<br />
To once again awaken my sleeping soul