My Depression

I was a victim of sexualy abuse as a child since its been hard to trust ppl around me . Im very vocal about my life but i keep my distance from ppl not always letting the true me shine.I dont like to trust ppl will be there forever im always use to them just leavin me.Ive hurt the one person who really cares about me and it kills me. He knows everything i did and for it i was punished .He lived a crazy life and called me names and mistreated me for everything i did until he know i wasnt leavin him. I have a hard time forgiving myself i feel like a failure and i hate me. I wish i was a better person

asnes asnes
1 Response Mar 9, 2010

He sounds like an *******. If you wish you were a better person, ****Pow**** wish granted. You're now a better person. <br />
<br />
I've given you a gift. Do not squander it - do not question it. You are now the person you want to be not the faulted person you were. Go on and live your life accordingly, and NEVER forget this day. This is the day you changed. The day your entire life changed.<br />
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DO NOT LOOK BACKWARDS. You are the captain of your ship from now on, steer it well and keep it sound. Hold fast.